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Smritir Opare... Ekla Akash Series

Smritir Opare… Ekla Akash Series

We have almost completed the journey and finally today is the last poem for this collaboration series. Please have a look at Debaleena’s other poems and recitation like the first one, then the one about rain, a song of hope in corona and mental health. Today, to keep the trace of not finishing, even when […]

Durotto...distance between hearts Eklaa akash series

Durotto…distance between hearts Eklaa akash series

Hello my lovely readers, Here is thepenultimate installment of our creative musings collaborations. While I am sad, the collaboration is drawing to an end, I am grateful for this to happen. I also would like to thank you for your encouragement that brought us this far. Please take a look at the ongoing series, Eklaa […]

sudiner apekhyay1

Sudiner Apekhhyay…eklaa akaash series

We are going through a very troubled time right now. The whole world stands united, to fight the novel corona virus. But we also stand isolated. The nature of the virus is such, that it has created a distance between all of us. Mone hochhe, amader ghire dhore achhe jeno ek bhairavi bisannata. ( It […]


Bristi thamar seshe

What started as a crazy idea between two childhood friends, have received plenty of appreciation in the last one week. Some of my other friends and collaborators were also very impressed with our work. Today we present the second poem of our eklaa akash series. This is original poem by Debaleena, recited in her voice. […]

Ekla Akash

Ekla Akash

I am very happy to introduce Debaleena, one of my closest friends. A gifted creator who creates using words and then recites those words herself. The mundane realities of life, do not leave us much time to pursue our passions. Debaleena is also a mother of a beautiful girl. Whatever little time she finds for […]