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Bristi thamar seshe

What started as a crazy idea between two childhood friends, have received plenty of appreciation in the last one week. Some of my other friends and collaborators were also very impressed with our work.

Today we present the second poem of our eklaa akash series. This is original poem by Debaleena, recited in her voice. Finding a good picture, that captures the emotional journey of the poem and matches the romaticism of the recitation was not easy. I am only an average photographer and could not find a good picture in my selection.

Enters, Pritha. I have the good fortune to write a small fiction to her beautiful poem and she graciously lent me a picture to use as the post heading. I thank this amazing artist for her contribution. I welcome all my readers to take a look at her photography art in social media.

If today is your first time in this blog, please check out the first post of this series: Ekla-aakash.

Deboleena’s beautiful recitation is about the loneliness and distance waiting for the rain to be over. Her words have a strange melancholy, maybe it reflects some loneliness and the piano accentues that loneliness*.

This beautiful poem is again accompanied by a beautiful picture of falling rain. This picture is captured by talented artist Mouboni Maity.

Bristi thamar seshe
Bristi thamar seshe : poem

Do you like this series so far? In the next week’s series, we will bring back some soulful writing of Debaleena on the current corona situation. She first narrates the story of distance and loneliness and then ends with the message of hope we will see.

If you like this effort, please do post a comment to share your appreciation. This will encourage us to take the time and create more such content. If it touches you emotionally, do share it with others and give us some like.

In this blog, I try to write about my day to day happenings and about my hobbies like gardening. Do check out the other pages and the featured contents of this site and if you like it, do click like and share. Awaiting your comments and critiques.

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The original Background music can be found in Youtube. I have linked to the original music. No copyright infringement was intended for this music.


  1. Debaleena Poddar

    Thanx a lot dear

  2. Darun hy6…

  3. Darun hoeche.. keep it up.. excellent ..

    1. Debaleena Poddar

      Thanks a lot

  4. Mouboni Maity

    Very nice presentation
    The poem justifies the name of the content and the ambience. Rain and the lonely pain that drips with the sound of rain is so beautifully portrayed in this poem. ভালো থাক বৃষ্টিরা, ভালো থাক সোঁদা গন্ধ, একলা ডায়েরি আর তোমার কবিতারা। আরো লেখো। অপেক্ষায় থাকলাম।

    1. Debaleena Poddar

      Valolagar bristi kona tomay chuye thak/ purono sei diner katha moner konei thak ♥️valothakis r sathe thakis evabei….

  5. Good things come in small packages….chotto by khub sundor!!

    1. Debaleena Poddar

      I hope u can understand the underlying pain of the poem.. will try to come up wth bigger version next week

  6. Ananda Kundu

    Darun..khub bhalo..

    1. Debaleena Poddar

      Thank u Ananda da samay ber kore porar jnyo

  7. Ananda Kundu

    Khub sundor..

  8. Good things com in small packages….chotto kintu sundor!!!

  9. Tamalika Chowdhury

    Keep the great work you’re doing ! Feels so soothing

    1. Debaleena Poddar

      Thank u sweetheart.. ur encouragement means a lot ♥️

  10. Aritra Bhowmick

    Nice concept. Good work. Carry on. Wish you all the best for future endeavour.

    1. Tamalika Chowdhury

      Keep the great work you’re doing ! Feels so soothing

    2. Debaleena Poddar

      Thank u dear for your support. It means a lot

      1. Debjani Chakraborty

        Shomoy joto barche tokhon , hochche drirho bondhan,
        Ae bondhutto beche thakbe sara jibon 🙂
        Ae aabritti oshadharon 🙂

      2. Debaleena Poddar

        Khub sundor likhechis re.. atut thakuk amadr bondhutto r evabei beche thakuk valobasa gulo…

      3. Debaleena Poddar

        Khub sundor likhechis.. atut thakuk amadr bondhutto r evabei beche thakuk valobasa gulo♥️

  11. darun darun, khub valo.

    1. Debaleena Poddar

      Thank u dada for liking.

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